anime coloring pages

anime coloring pages

Anime is a special kind of cartoon that comes from the country of Japan.

It’s a unique form of storytelling that uses colorful artwork, fantastic themes, vibrant characters and great music.

Anime doesn’t mean just one thing, and it’s not only for children.

It includes a wide variety of different styles and stories, for all ages to enjoy.

The very first anime was made over a hundred years ago, in 1917.

Before it was known as anime, it was just called “Japanimation,” – which obviously means Japanese animation.

But now we use the word anime, which is shorter and easier to say!

One big difference about anime is that it can explore deeper or more complex topics than some other kids’ cartoons.

It’s just like how books can be about funny things, sad things, scary things, or exciting things.

Anime can be enjoyed as TV shows, movies, or even online web series.

In other countries, like America, anime has become very popular and well loved.

People admire anime because of its powerful storytelling and beautiful artwork.

So, whether it’s about school kids with superpowers, giant robots, or magical creatures, anime has something for everyone to enjoy!

anime coloring pages

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