baby shark coloring pages

baby shark coloring pages

Baby Shark is a popular children’s song.

It first gained popularity in South Korea, where a company called Pinkfong released it.

Pinkfong is a group specializing in fun, educational music for children.

They released Baby Shark back in 2015 and it quickly became their most watched video on YouTube.

The song is catchy, easy to sing and it involves neat dance moves for children to copy.

It’s about a family of sharks going around the sea, hunting for fish, and avoiding dangers.

In the song, there’s a baby shark, a mommy shark, a daddy shark, a grandma shark, and a grandpa shark.

The song uses rhythmic beats and simple lyrics that are easy to memorize.

It’s also interactive, because it encourages listeners to do hand motions fitting the lyrics.

Baby Shark became a viral sensation with its catchy tune and fun characters.

Children all over the world, and even adults, love the song for its simple melody and fun dance routine.

Now, Baby Shark is not just a song, it’s also a global phenomenon with toys, games, live shows, and even a cartoon series.

Its universal appeal demonstrates the power of music in connecting people, regardless of age, language, or culture.

baby shark coloring pages

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