Baby Toothless Coloring Pages

Baby Toothless is a super cute character from a movie named “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.” He’s a baby Night Fury, which is a special type of dragon that can fly super fast and is really hard to see at night because of its dark color.

Baby Toothless looks like a teeny black dragon with enormous green eyes that sparkle like emeralds.

In the movie, Toothless, the adult Night Fury, falls in love with a female dragon and they have little dragon babies – and that’s where Baby Toothless comes from!

Baby Toothless is just like his dad, with awesome flying skills and a super playful nature.

He loves playing with other little dragons and his dad’s human friend, named Hiccup.

One fun thing about Baby Toothless is that he glows in the dark when he’s happy!

His glowing body lights up like a starry sky which looks very magical.

This feature is pretty cool when they want to play at night and it turns the dragon playdates into magical glow-in-the-dark adventures! Imagine a nighttime dragon party with Baby Toothless as the glowing star, lighting up the sky with his radiant cuteness.

As you color this page, think about the incredible bond between Baby Toothless and his dragon family. Picture them soaring through the night, their playful laughter echoing like the tinkling of magical bells.

So, get ready to add a burst of color to Baby Toothless and his enchanting world. Bring out your brightest crayons and paint this adorable dragon in shades that match his magical glow.

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