Baryonyx Coloring Pages

Baryonyx is a dinosaur that lived millions of years ago.

Thie name Baryonyx has a cool meaning: the ‘heavy claw’.

This dinosaur hails from the Cretaceous period, approximately 125.45 million to 93.9 million years ago.

The fossils of the Baryonyx were first found in England, in a land full of secrets from the past!

Baryonyx had some very unique features which made it a very special dinosaur.

It had long and strong arms, and the most noticeable thing was a large claw on each hand.

If you thought your fingernails were long, imagine having a foot-long claw!

These claws were probably used for catching and eating fish, just like a modern-day bear.

Speaking of food, Baryonyx was not like most other dinosaurs that ate only meat or plants.

Baryonyx was an unusual omnivore.

It ate both meat and fish, and may have even indulged in a dinosaur salad every now and then! 

As you color this page, let your imagination run wild with thoughts of Baryonyx and its extraordinary dining adventures in the ancient world. What a marvelous creature from the dino-dining era!

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