clouds coloring pages

Clouds are like floating cotton balls in the sky that can be white, gray, or even pinkish during sunrise and sunset. They form from tiny drops of water or ice crystals that stick together in the atmosphere. No, it’s not magic, but a natural process where warm air rises, expands, and then cools down to form clouds.

Sometimes you see a cloud that resembles your favorite cartoon character or even a castle. This is because clouds take different shapes due to the wind and thermal currents. Clouds can appear flat, puffy, wispy or lumpy depending on the weather conditions.

But, have you ever wondered why it rains or snows? You can thank clouds for that! When too many water droplets or ice crystals accumulate in a cloud, they become too heavy and fall to the earth as rain or snow.

Clouds are not only fun to look at, but they also serve a big purpose. They help regulate Earth’s temperature by reflecting sunlight back into space during the day and trapping heat at night. So, pretty much like a blanket for the Earth!

Next time, when you look at the clouds, notice their color and shape. It might tell you a lot about the weather. So, clouds are pretty cool, right?

clouds coloring pages

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