Coloring Pages Rat

Rats are small creatures that belong to the rodent family.

They are often used for research and medical testing because their bodies work quite similar to ours.

Rats originated from Asia and over time they have spread all over the world.

They found their way around by following people and settling in new places.

Rats happen to be one of the smartest animals that exist.

They can learn and remember things really well, making them great problem solvers!

These smart little critters also have amazing survival skills that have allowed them to live in different climates and environments.

Rats eat almost anything, which is why they can survive anywhere.


They’re also pretty fast and can crawl through small holes, making them excellent escape artists.

A cool thing about rats is that they take care of each other in their groups, termed as colonies.

Though some people are afraid of rats, many folks have them as pets.

In some parts of the world, people appreciate them so much that there are even shrines dedicated to them.

So, whether you think rats are fascinating or a bit scary, they’ve found their way into our lives in many ways.

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