Computer Coloring Pages

Hey kiddos!

A computer is an incredible machine that helps us do all sorts of cool stuff.

It all started long ago, in the 1940s, when the first computer was made.

Would you believe it was as big as a room?

These days, we have computers small enough to fit in our backpacks, on our desks, or even in our pockets as phones.

A computer is almost like a magical box.

It can remember a lot of information, do math at lightning speed, paint vibrant pictures, and even let us watch movies!

Inside, a computer has many parts.

A “brain” called the ‘processor’ does all the hard thinking, while ‘memory’ remembers everything.

The ‘hard drive’ is like a big library storing everything from your favorite games to homework (ew!).

You get to command this special machine with a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

It takes your instructions and transforms them into actions.

So, next time you use a computer, remember how it’s like having a smart friend who can help you learn, play, and create!

As you color this page, think about the amazing things computers can do, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a computer whiz yourself!

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