easy christmas coloring pages for toddlers

easy christmas coloring pages for toddlers

Christmas is a special holiday celebrated by many people around the world.

It’s a time when families and friends come together to share love and joy.

Christmas is on December 25th, and it’s when we remember the birth of a very special person named Jesus.

People decorate their homes with colorful lights, shiny ornaments, and sometimes even put up a beautiful Christmas tree.

Gifts are exchanged to show how much we care about each other.

Santa Claus, a jolly man in a red suit, is believed to bring presents to children who have been good all year.

Many delicious foods are prepared, like cookies and a big feast with turkey or ham.

Christmas carols, which are festive songs, are sung to spread happiness.

So, when you color this page, think about all the warmth and happiness that Christmas brings to everyone, and the special Christmas memories you have collected so far!

easy christmas coloring pages for toddlers

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