Feelings Coloring Pages

Feelings are something that comes from the heart and mind, like when you’re happy about going to a party, or sad when your pet is sick.

The word ‘feelings’ has been around for a long time, as long as people have been able to express what’s happening inside them.

The word comes from an old English word, ‘felan’, like when you touch or sense something.

Feelings Coloring Pages

You can’t touch feelings like you can touch a teddy bear or a piece of bread, but they are so real and important.

Feelings are like your inner computer, telling you how you are reacting to things happening around you.

We have many different feelings, and they’re all important.

Even when we feel sad or angry, it’s a signal our heart and mind are giving us, to tell us something isn’t right, and we need to fix it.

Sometimes people like to hide their feelings, because they are scared others might make fun of them.

But sharing your feelings helps, because then those who care about you can help you feel better. Don’t forget, each feeling is special just like the person feeling it!

Feelings Coloring Pages

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