fruit coloring pages

fruit coloring pages

Fruit is a sweet and delicious part of plants that we can eat.

This yummy food was not created by a chef but by Mother Nature.

Many years ago, wild fruits were tiny and not so sweet, but humans learned how to grow and change them.

Over time, we made fruits bigger, juicier, and much more delicious!

fruit coloring pages

You might wonder why plants make fruits in the first place.

Well, plants create fruits to protect their seeds, and it’s a smart way to encourage animals to spread those seeds.

When animals eat the fruit, they move away from the parent plant and poop out the seeds, helping new plants to grow further away.

Almost every place in the world grows its own special type of fruit, which makes those areas special and unique.

fruit coloring pages

Fruits can be used in many exciting ways, like in fruit salads, juice, pies, jams, or just eating them fresh right off a tree.

Besides being tasty, fruits carry lots of vitamins and fibers that are essential for our bodies to remain healthy.

Some fruits, like bananas, even provide us with quick energy, making them a great snack for athletes or just for a busy day.

So, fruits are not only good for our health, but they also help plants to survive and make the world a more delicious place!

fruit coloring pages

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