garbage truck printable coloring pages

garbage truck printable coloring pages

A garbage truck is a large vehicle that helps pick up trash from our homes, schools, and other places.

It was first used in England in the 1800s where they used horse-drawn carts to carry away trash.

Garbage trucks as we know them now, with engines, were created in the early 1900s and helped make cities cleaner and healthier.

garbage truck printable coloring pages

These trucks are very important because they ensure that our surroundings stay clean by regularly collecting all the waste we produce.

Without garbage trucks, our trash would pile up and make our cities very dirty and smelly!

Fascinatingly, garbage trucks come in several different types.

The most common one has a large compartment in the back where all the trash is stored.

Another type of garbage truck has a big arm that can pick up and dump trash cans directly into the truck!

But no matter what kind they are, all garbage trucks have one important job: to take our trash away and keep our environment clean.

garbage truck printable coloring pages

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