Giant Squid Coloring Page

The giant squid is a mysterious creature that lives deep down in our oceans.

It’s a part of the cephalopod family, just like octopuses and small squids you can see at the aquarium.

But the giant squid isn’t called “giant” for no reason – they can grow as long as a school bus, and their eyes are the size of dinner plates!

This makes them the biggest eyes in the entire animal kingdom.

Scientists believe these squids use their ginormous eyes to spot predators or prey in the faint light deep underwater.

Speaking of deep water, the giant squid loves to live very, very deep in the ocean, where sunlight doesn’t reach.

Because it’s so hard for us to explore these depths, for a long time, the giant squid was a creature of stories and legends.

Some sailors even believed they were dangerous sea monsters.

In reality, the giant squid is not a monster at all.

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