grinch christmas tree coloring page

The Grinch is a mischievous character created by Dr. Seuss, and known for trying to steal Christmas.

He’s a green, grumpy fellow who lives on a snowy mountain.

The Grinch doesn’t like Christmas at all; he’s not a fan of the joy and cheer, and he sneaks around on Christmas Eve stealing all of Whoville’s Christmas presents before the special holiday.

But don’t worry! In the end, he learns that the true spirit of Christmas is about love and giving.

grinch christmas tree coloring page

People started getting creative with their Christmas trees, and one fantastic idea was a tree that looks like the Grinch himself had a hand in decorating!

It’s a normal tree that is decorated in an abnormal, fun way with one side bent over and the top facing down, just like the crooked Grinch.

The decorations used for a Grinch tree often include brightly colored ornaments, feathers, and even a Santa outfit draped over the top, which represents the Grinch in Santa’s costume.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, unique and spirited twist to your holidays, a Grinch Christmas tree might just be the perfect choice!

grinch christmas tree coloring page

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