Gus is cute – Photoshop

I was given this image of a cute dog and here are the steps I followed to recreate this using Adobe Photoshop.

I first downloaded the image and imported it to Adobe.

I then used the brush tool that can be selected by pressing “B” on my keyboard.

Carefully, I outlined the dog’s body on a different layer. You can get a different layer by using the Layers tab at the bottom of the right-hand corner.

Do this on every part of the dog, first the body then the inside of the ears, the eyes the nose/mouth, the bone, and the eye patch.

After I had all the parts I merged all the layers down by right clicking the layer on top and going down to the button that says “Merge down”.

I also changed the background color by selecting the background layer and then at the bottom of the tab selecting an icon that looks like a circle half white half black.

Then I chose the color using the color wheel that popped up when I pressed the circle.

I also made a text box by pressing “T” on my keyboard.

In the end, I decided to change the font by going to the top of the screen and pressing on the drop-down, and choosing my favorite font.

Try it yourself and have fun!

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