kitten coloring pages

kitten coloring pages

A kitten is a young cat, also known as a “kitty”.

The word “kitten” comes from the middle English word “kitoun”.

This word was used to call a baby cat back in the olden days.

A kitten is not born the way we humans are.

Instead, they are birthed by their momma cat, also known as a “queen”, in a group, which is often called a “litter”.

Most kittens are very small when they are born, nearly the size of your hand!

They use their tiny weight to crawl around and find their momma.

It takes them about nine days to be able to open their eyes and see the world.

Kittens are known for being playful and full of energy, almost as if they drank a lot of sugar!

They have sharp claws and teeth which they use to play fight with their siblings, also known as “mock fighting”.

They have fluffy fur that is soft to touch, which comes in numerous colors and patterns.

Kittens usually stay with their momma and siblings until they are around two months old.

Then they’re ready to go to new homes and make happy memories with their new families.

That’s why many people love having kittens as pets, because they’re furry, cute and fun.

kitten coloring pages

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