lemon coloring pages

lemon coloring pages

Lemons are juicy, yellow fruits that are known for their sour and tangy taste.

The lemon tree first grew in the region of India, Northern Burma, and China.

Over time, the fruit spread across the world because of its many uses and health benefits.

lemon coloring pages

One of the most common uses for lemons is to make lemonade, a tasty, sweet and sour drink that cools you down on hot days.

Lemons are also used a lot in cooking to add a tangy flavor to dishes like fish, chicken, and even desserts!

Not only that, but the bright yellow peel can be used to flavor things too, like candy and cakes.

You can even use lemons to make cleaning products because their juice is so good at fighting germs!

The vitamin C in lemons keeps your body strong and healthy, and the citric acid helps your stomach break down food.

So next time you cut into a lemon, remember all the cool things this yellow fruit can do!

lemon coloring pages

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