Lemur Coloring Pages

Lemurs are totally cool creatures, found only in one place on Earth – Madagascar, a big island off the coast of Africa.

These animals are known as primates, just like us humans, monkeys, and apes.

But unlike most primates who live in tropical rainforests, lemurs like a variety of environments including rainforests, dry forests, and even mountain highlands.

There are more than 100 types of lemurs, from the tiny mouse lemur to the large indri lemur.

Some of them are nocturnal which means they are active during the night, while others are diurnal, out and about during the day.

They all have furry bodies, long tails, and super interesting faces.

They are also superb jumpers!

They can leap from tree to tree, looking for fruits, leaves and insects to eat.

Their large, round eyes help them see in the dark and their sensitive noses help find food.

Lemurs are social animals, living in groups called troops, just like having a big family.

Within these troops, lemurs take care of each other, play, and communicate using a range of sounds from purrs to howls.

Next time you imagine these incredible creatures swinging through the trees, remember to appreciate their vibrant personalities and the special touch they add to Madagascar’s biodiversity.

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