lips coloring pages for adults

lips coloring pages for adults

Lips are a very special part of our body that help us in different ways.

They are found in humans and many animals.

Your lips started forming when you were still a tiny baby in your mommy’s belly, around the second month.

This is an interesting fact, isn’t it?

You use your lips when you’re speaking to your friends, eating your favorite meal, and when drinking a glass of refreshing water.

Lips also help you make different facial expressions, like when you’re happy and you smile.

lips coloring pages for adults

Softly covered with skin, they are packed with lots of nerve endings that make them extra sensitive.

That’s why you can feel temperature and textures with them – like the cold of an ice cream or the warm softness of a marshmallow.

They look pink or reddish because you have lots of tiny, tiny blood vessels just beneath the surface.

lips coloring pages for adults

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