Lollipop Coloring Pages

Lollipop is a type of sweet candy that brings joy to many children and even adults.

It is often colorful and comes in a variety of yummy flavors like cherry, orange, grape, and even chocolate.

This tasty treat is usually round or oval, and it’s given its handle by being stuck on a stick for easy licking or biting.

Lollipops were first created hundreds of years ago.

People in ancient times made them with honey, nuts, and fruit, which were shaped, and then dried on sticks.

You would have stick-shaped lollipops as early as the middle ages!

Today, lollipops are made from sugar and water, which are cooked until they turn into a hard candy.

Then it’s molded into the lollipop shape and stuck on a stick while it’s still soft and warm.

Once the lollipop cools down, it becomes hard and ready to be enjoyed.

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