ocean coloring pages

The ocean is a vast body of water that covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface.

It was formed billions of years ago when molten rock from Earth’s interior burst through the crust and began to cool and harden.

The Earth is sort of like a giant, round, rock sandwich filled with bubbly, hot stuff – and water came from those materials.

ocean coloring pages

Over time, rain began to fall, filling the low areas of Earth’s surface, and these became the oceans we know today.

Oceans are very important, not only because they are home to many different types of plants and animals, but also because they help control the Earth’s weather.

They soak up heat from the sun and carry it from the equator to the poles, which helps to keep our planet’s temperature just right.

ocean coloring pages

The ocean can also be incredibly deep. In fact, the deepest part of the ocean is deeper than the height of the tallest mountain on Earth!

No matter how deep you go, the ocean is always salty. This is because the rain that filled the oceans picked up some salt and minerals from the rocks on the land.

And lastly, oceans are essential for human beings too, we use them for transportation, fishing, and even discovering new things about our planet!

ocean coloring pages

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