Pencils Coloring Page

Pencils Coloring Page

Pencils are an important tool you’ll use in school and throughout your whole life!

They were first invented long ago, thousands of years ago in ancient Rome.

During that time, people wanted a mess-free way to write, so they came up with the idea of a thin rod of lead enclosed in wood.

Pencils Coloring Page

Today, pencils have evolved and instead of lead, a non-toxic material named graphite is used.

What’s super cool about this graphite is that when you write with a pencil, it leaves tiny graphite flakes on the paper which create lines or writings that you can see!

The outside part of a pencil, which is usually yellow, is made of wood and it’s purpose is to protect your hands from getting dirty from the graphite.

Pencils Coloring Page

There’s also a handy tool on the other end of the pencil – an eraser!

The eraser helps you correct your mistakes by rubbing off the graphite flakes from the paper.

There’s a lot more to a pencil than just a writing stick, right? So, the next time you pick up a pencil, remember all the cool things about it!

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