Phases Of The Moon Coloring Page

Phases Of The Moon Coloring Page

The phases of the moon are something really magical that you can observe in your very own backyard!

Did you know that the moon doesn’t actually shine on its own, but it reflects the light from the sun to get its glow?

The phases of the moon describe how the moon appears to us on Earth during its 29.5-day cycle around us.

When the moon looks like a full, round disc in the sky, we call this a Full Moon.

But, did you know that the full moon only happens once a month?

When we see a Full Moon, it means the sun’s light is shining on the side of the moon that faces us.

As the moon travels around the Earth, we see different portions of the moon’s surface lit by the sun, which are the other phases.

These phases include the New Moon (where we can’t see the moon at all), the Crescent Moon (where it looks like a small sliver is lit), the First Quarter Moon (half of it is lit), and the Gibbous Moon (where it’s mostly lit but not fully).

So, remember to look up in the night sky and enjoy the moon’s beautiful changes!

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