rainbow coloring pages

rainbow coloring pages

A rainbow is a beautiful, multi-colored arc that appears in the sky.

It’s usually found on rainy days, when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.

Rainbows are actually a result of sunlight and water droplets in the air.

The sun’s white light enters the droplet, bends or refracts, bounces off the inside of the droplet, and then leaves the droplet.

As the light exits, it separates into different colors. That’s why you see a rainbow!

Each color in the rainbow has its own unique place and order.

Red is always on the outside part of the arch, while violet or purple is on the inside.

A rainbow does not have a physical presence that you can touch.

Though they are part of nature’s beauty, they cannot be held or kept.

Yet, they have a special meaning in many cultures, often symbolizing peace, hope, and new beginnings.

So next time, when you see a rainbow, remember it’s a little bit of magic from nature, showing you the amazing things that light and water can do.

rainbow coloring pages

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