Rubber Duckies Coloring Pages

Once upon a time, there was a cute little toy known as the Rubber Ducky. It was born many many years ago, in the late 1800s, as a chewable object for teething children. But it wasn’t able to float until the 1940s when a company named ‘Sculptured Toys’ made its body hollow.

The Rubber Ducky we know today became famous because of a popular children’s show called “Sesame Street”. There’s a song on this show called “Rubber Duckie, You’re the One” which made this toy even more loved by children everywhere.

A Rubber Ducky is usually made from flexible, bright yellow material which is watertight so it can float. It’s designed with a big round head, a cute orange beak, and small friendly eyes. Some ducks even come with fun accessories like sunglasses or a hat!

Besides being a bath time companion, a Rubber Ducky can also help kids (and even grown-ups) solve problems! It’s used in a method called “Rubber Duck Debugging” where someone explains their problem to a rubber duck, and this often leads to figuring out the solution.

In fact, Rubber Duckies are so popular that there’s even a special day to celebrate them. Every year on January 13th we celebrate International Rubber Ducky Day. So remember, whenever you take a bath with your Rubber Ducky, you’re taking part in a very long and interesting history!

Rubber Duckies Coloring Pages

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