Science Toys for Kids

STEAM Toys for Toddlers

It’s never too early to start learning in this dynamic world! Ignite your little one’s curiosity right from the start with these engaging playing stations that explore the wonders of gravity, gears, lights, and colors, sparking your toddler’s innate curiosity and setting the stage for a vibrant learning experience.

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Science Toys for 3-year-olds

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Science Toys for Kids aged 4 and up

Every scientist remembers their first experiment, and now you have the chance to create core scientific memories for your little one. Indulge them with a collection of engaging lab kits, creating joy and wonder as they embark on their very own journey of discovery.

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Or, get their brain juices flowing with one of these crazy experiments and learning activities. With options tailored for every child, there’s an exciting adventure waiting for each young explorer.

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Science Toys for Kids aged 5 and up

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Gifts For Children Who Love Animals

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Science Toys for Kids aged 6 and up

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And for the environmental nuts, here are some eco-friendly fun options!

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Science Toys for Kids aged 7 and up

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And for kids starting to take an interest in planets and the solar system, these models are both fun to build and educational.

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Science Toys for Kids aged 8+

At this age, children have a more refined understanding of the world around them. You may find that your little one is developing unique interests and wanting to explore new concepts. Gift your child with STEAM toys in areas that fascinate them and capitalize on this newfound comprehension, providing a bridge between theoretical concepts and hands-on exploration.

Science Kits for Older Kids

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Or try out some more mechanical fun for the fine-motors with these experimental sets.

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Harness the patience that older kids have started to learn with an exciting crystal-growing kit. Expand their love for science as they watch mesmerizing crystals take shape, providing an enriching and engaging experience for their young minds.

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Science Toys for Kids aged 10+

If your kid is a chemistry buff, spoil them with this popular set, great for older kids, that offers detailed experiment analysis and explanations and can be used into their teenage years.

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Or spoil your science-mad tween with one of these awesome gifts, tailor-made to test their growing minds!

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Top 5 STEM Gifts for Kids

Make sure to check out the current bestselling STEM toys too!

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