Seed Coloring Pages

A seed is a tiny thing that makes plants grow.

It is created when a male pollen joins with a female ovule from the same kind of plant.

This process is called reproduction, much like how animals have babies.

Seeds come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are as small as a speck of dust, like the seeds of an orchid, and others are huge, like the coconut seed.

Did you know that seeds are kind of like survival kits?

Inside each seed is a mini plant, called an embryo, that’s waiting to sprout.

The seed also has a food source to feed the plant until it can make its own food from sunlight.

This is called photosynthesis.

The outer shell of the seed, called the seed coat, is super tough to protect everything inside.

When given the right amount of water, light, and temperature, the seed cracks open and begins to grow or “germinate”.

Seeds travel in all sorts of ways to find new places to grow. Some seeds hitch a ride on the wind, like little adventurers soaring through the air. Others might get a lift from animals, sticking to their fur or feathers, or even hiding inside tasty fruits.

Now, when you color these seeds, think about the incredible journey each one takes to become a beautiful plant. And here’s a fun idea: imagine you’re a seed, ready to embark on your adventure. Where would you travel, and what kind of plant would you become?

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