Shepherd Coloring Pages

Shepherd Coloring Pages

A shepherd is someone who takes care of sheep.

In old times, they would guide their flock of sheep across meadows and hills.

Sometimes, the word shepherd is used not just for people who look after sheep, but it can also refer to anyone who guides or looks after a group. For example, a teacher can be seen as a shepherd, guiding and caring for students.

Shepherd Coloring Pages

The word “shepherd” comes from two old English words — “sceap”, which means sheep, and “hierde”, which means herder.

So a shepherd is really a “sheep herder”!

Now, let’s discuss shepherd’s dogs, like the German Shepherd or Australian Shepherd.

These dogs are called shepherds because they’re good at herding, just like a shepherd human would be.

Shepherds, whether they are people or dogs, have an important job of making sure their flock or group is safe and together.

So, next time you see someone guiding a group of people or animals, you can think about the shepherds who guide their flocks!

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