skull coloring pages

skull coloring pages

A skull is that hard part of your head that protects your brain.

Imagine a knight wearing armor – that’s what the skull does for the brain!

They may seem spooky, but they’re like nature’s helmets.

Isn’t that amazing?

skull coloring pages

The word “skull” has its origins from an old English term called “sculle”.

It is a very old word that people have been using for hundreds of years to talk about this protective casing for our brain.

Have you ever wondered what your skull is made of?

skull coloring pages

Well, It’s made up of 22 separate bones that are joined together.

Just like puzzle pieces!

Some of these bones shape your face, with our skulls having holes for our eyes, nose, and mouth, and making our faces unique.

The rest of these bones make up the top and back of your head.

skull coloring pages

Skulls are also used as a warning symbol in stories about pirates and adventures.

So, when you color this page, think about the cool, mysterious side of skulls, and maybe even imagine some exciting adventures of your own!

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