smores coloring page

Smores are a tasty treat that many people know and love.

It was first thought of in the United States, and the name is actually short for ‘some more’, because you always want more after you have one!

The recipe first appeared in a Girl Scout guidebook way back in 1927, and has been a camping favorite ever since.

smores coloring page

A smore is not a single food, but actually a combination of three delicious ingredients.

First is a graham cracker, a sweet and crisp type of biscuit that adds crunch.

Second is a piece of chocolate, which melts into gooey goodness.

smores coloring page

Third is a marshmallow, which you roast over the fire until it’s all toasted and gooey.

You sandwich the chocolate and the marshmallow between two graham crackers, then squeeze them together to get the perfect bite.

It’s a delicious treat that has perfectly balanced sweet and crunchy, gooey and delicious!

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