solar system coloring pages

solar system coloring pages

The solar system is a big neighborhood of planets and other objects swirling around a gigantic star we call the sun.

Its origin, or how it began, is a fascinating story that took place more than 4.5 billion years ago! That’s way before dinosaurs or even the first tiny creatures wiggled in the ocean.

Scientists believe a giant cloud of gas and dust in space started to spin around and collapse, forming this sun in the middle and all the planets around.

Let’s talk about what we can see in our solar system.

First, there’s the sun, which is so big that over a million Earths could fit inside! It’s the heart of our solar system providing light, warmth, and energy to all living things on Earth.

Then there are eight planets, including our Earth, all twirling around the sun like dancers. Each planet has its unique characteristics, like Mars with its red terrain or Jupiter with its big red spot.

Between Mars and Jupiter, there’s an asteroid belt filled with lots of chunks of rock orbiting the sun too.

Lastly, way out at the edge of the solar system, there’s a group of icy objects called the Kuiper Belt, which includes dwarf planets like Pluto.

Our solar system is a fantastic and busy place full of wonders waiting for us to explore.

It’s like a cosmic carousel, with everything moving in harmony, making it a beautiful and fascinating place in the vast universe.

solar system coloring pages

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