Squid Coloring Pages

A squid is a fascinating creature that lives in the deep dark ocean.

It originally comes from the ancient family of sea animals called “cephalopods,” which includes both octopuses and cuttlefish too.

These animals have been around for hundreds of millions of years, even before the dinosaurs!

Squid is most famous for its long, flexible body, and eight arms plus two extra-long tentacles that it uses for hunting.

Each arm and tentacle is loaded with suckers for grabbing onto their prey.

The busiest part of the squid is its head because that’s where you find its brain, eyes, mouth, and the base of all its arms and tentacles.

Squids also have an interesting talent, they can change color in a flash!

They do this to either hide from danger or catch their food unawares.

Squids are like the chameleons of the ocean!

Imagine if you could change colors as quickly as a squid – wouldn’t that be fun?

People around the world eat squid and they also use it to catch fish. Some call them the superheroes of the sea because they help keep the balance in the underwater world.

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