Stop Coloring Pages

“Stop” is like a magical word that tells everything to take a little break!

“Stop” came from Old English, from a word “stoppian,” which means to stop up or close.

We commonly use “Stop” in our everyday life.

Stop Coloring Pages

You’ve probably heard it on the bus when someone shouts “Stop! I need to get off at the next stop.”

When friends are playing too rough, you might yell, “Stop! You’re hurting me!”

You will also see “STOP” written in big, bold letters on red traffic signs.

This stop sign tells drivers that they must make a complete stop at an intersection and check for oncoming traffic before they can proceed.

Stop Coloring Pages

“Stop” can also help save lives in dangerous situations.

Like if someone is running towards a busy road, a loud “STOP!” can prevent an accident.

Stop Coloring Pages

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