Sushi Coloring Pages

Sushi Coloring Pages

Did you know that sushi originally came from Southeast Asia?

Sushi is a popular Japanese dish which consists of bite-size pieces of fish – often raw- served with rice that’s flavored with vinegar.

This special rice is called sushi rice and it’s usually mixed with thin slices of vegetables or wrapped in seaweed.

Sushi Coloring Pages

The whole idea of sushi was first started hundreds of years ago as a way to preserve fish.

Fish were preserved by sandwiching them between two layers of rice, which then fermented over time to keep the fish good to eat for longer.

Then, people discovered that this fermenting process added a unique, tasty flavor to the fish.

Sushi Coloring Pages

The way we eat sushi today started around the 8th century in Japan, and since then it’s been enjoyed by people all over the world!

You could find dozens of different types of sushi in a sushi restaurant, like rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

Sushi, with its unique taste and preparation, is not just food but an interesting bit of culture from the land of the rising sun!

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