Tarot Coloring Pages

Tarot Coloring Pages

Tarot is a very old kind of playing cards that were first used to play games in Europe, hundreds of years ago.

Over time, people noticed that the special designs on the cards could tell a lot about the person who was playing with them.

Some people believe that these cards can even tell us things about our future.

Tarot Coloring Pages

Tarot cards were first made in Italy in the 15th century, that’s more than 500 years ago!

Back then, they were a lot like today’s playing cards with four suits, but they had an extra suit of picture cards.

These picture cards had images of things like the moon, the sun, the world, strength, and justice.

Today, Tarot cards are not usually used for playing games.

Instead, they are used for something called “divination”, which is a special word for predicting the future.

People who use tarot cards for divination believe that the cards have special energies that can answer their questions about life.

Tarot Coloring Pages

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