tooth coloring pages

tooth coloring pages

A tooth is a hard, shiny object found in our mouths.

It has been with us since the beginning of human history, helping us chew our food and shape our words.

A tooth actually begins its life hidden inside our gums as we grow in our mommies’ bellies.

By the time we are babies, our first teeth begin to poke through and by kindergarten, we have twenty baby teeth!

As we become slightly older, we begin to lose these baby teeth to make way for our permanent grown-up teeth.

These adult teeth are bigger and stronger, and they total thirty-two when all are fully grown.

Teeth are made of different parts, each with its own properties.

The white part we can see is called the enamel which is a super-strong shield that protects the tooth.

Inside the tooth, you’ll find something called dentin, which is what gives your teeth their yellowish color.

Right at the center of each tooth is what’s called the pulp. This is the living part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves.

Taking care of our teeth is very important because good oral hygiene helps us maintain not only a bright, white smile, but also keeps us in good health.

tooth coloring pages

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