Tracing Coloring Pages

Once upon a time, artists found a neat trick called “tracing”.

Tracing started a long time ago, even before there were pens and computers!

Ancient artists used to trace lines on the cave walls to draw pictures of animals and humans.

Tracing is like a magic invisible line that we follow with our pencil or pen.

Imagine if you had to draw your friend, but you don’t know where to start.

Worry not, because you can trace an image from a photo or the actual person, to make your drawing look perfect!

Tracing is not just drawing though.

It is used in so many wonderful trying to understand things better.

Computer wizards, or programmers, use it to find and fix errors in their digital creations.

Tracing can be lots of fun for kids our age and even grown-ups.

You could trace your hand, your toys, leaves from plants, or even your pet hamster, if he stays still long enough!

Remember, tracing is not cheating.

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