Witchy Coloring Pages

Witchy Coloring Pages

Hey kiddos! Did you know that “Witchy” is not just a fun, spooky word but has a much deeper meaning?

Let’s dig into it!

“Witchy” originally came from the word “witch”, those magical ladies you see flying on broomsticks during Halloween time.

Witchy Coloring Pages

However, nowadays, it’s more than just about witches.

“Witchy” often describes things related to magic, enchantment, and the supernatural.

You might have heard someone referring to things as “witchy” in books, movies, or Halloween stories.

For example, a black cat crossing your path or a full moon illuminating a dark sky can be thought of as witchy.

But it’s not always about the spookiness!

“Witchy” can also describe a person who loves nature, believes in the power of the universe, and respects all life – just like the good witches we know about.

Witchy Coloring Pages

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