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Kindergarten science projects

Fine Motor Activities

Toddler’s fine motor skills is one of the strongest predictors of the child’s future academic achievement. Fine motor skill is the ability to control hands and fingers. They are needed for writing, playing with small toys, doing puzzles, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces and more. At school, kids are expected to learn to write new …

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Paper Shapes Activity

Shape Activity For Preschoolers This shape activity for preschoolers requires very simple materials. It is the perfect project for little kids. They can exercise their fine motor skills. They will also learn to visualize different 3 dimensional shapes. Note that this project requires a lot of eye-hand coordination.  Recommend for children above 4 years old. These …

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Evaporation —> Distillation | Water Science

What do bottled water and cloud have in common? They both involve a process called evaporation. Evaporation is an important step in the water cycle. Warm water evaporates and turns into vapor. In bottled water factories, water is boiled and vapors are collected to make the product. In nature, drops of vapor gather to form clouds …

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Spatial Reasoning – Visualize Shapes Through Play

Spatial reasoning is an essential skill for math learning and can be acquired through training and practice. Here are a few activities that can help kids learn spatial concepts. Let’s start with learning shapes by create 2-D and 3-D shapes from scratch. By constructing each shape one side at a time, you will have a better sense of …

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Fun Math Games – Learning Shapes And Patterns Activities

Patterning is fundamental to mathematics because all math are virtually patterns and structures. Mathematical relations and transformations result in patterns and abstraction. It is therefore critical to children’s development of mathematical reasoning. The integration of patterning in children’s early learning can promote such development. There are many types of patterning: written symbols (e.g. ABCABCABC…), numerical (e.g. 1, …

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