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Preschool experiments

Fine Motor Activities

Toddler’s fine motor skills is one of the strongest predictors of the child’s future academic achievement. Fine motor skill is the ability to control hands and fingers. They are needed for writing, playing with small toys, doing puzzles, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces and more. At school, kids are expected to learn to write new …

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Paper Shapes Activity

Shape Activity For Preschoolers This shape activity for preschoolers requires very simple materials. It is the perfect project for little kids. They can exercise their fine motor skills. They will also learn to visualize different 3 dimensional shapes. Note that this project requires a lot of eye-hand coordination.  Recommend for children above 4 years old. These …

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Skittles Science Project (Candy)

What do you do when there is an oversupply of candies in the house, like the day after Halloween? (yeah, right.) Candy science experiment, of course! This experiment is really spectacular to watch, but the science behind is pretty complicated… actually, I haven’t found a definitive scientific explanation agreed by all authoritative scientists yet. But …

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Weathervane | Weather Science

Summer is more than half way through. Soon it’ll be fall and the change in seasons is usually accompanied by curious questions about the weather.  Since autumn is often windy, one inevitable question is: Where does wind come from? This question has two meanings: a) how is wind created? and b) which direction does the wind …

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What Makes Ice Melt Faster? Salt Melts Ice Experiment

Why do people put salt in snow? That’s because salt can make ice melt faster. Ice melts at a specific temperature called the melting point. Salt makes snow melt faster by changing ice’s melting point. Here is an experiment showing how salt achieves that. Using salt, you can pick up a piece of ice with …

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Spatial Reasoning – Visualize Shapes Through Play

Spatial reasoning is an essential skill for math learning and can be acquired through training and practice. Here are a few preschool geometry activities that can help kids learn spatial concepts. Let’s start with learning shapes by create 2-D and 3-D shapes from scratch in a spatial relationships preschool activity. By constructing each shape one side at a …

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