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Preschool Science Projects & STEM Activities

Skittles Science Project (Candy)

What do you do when there is an oversupply of candies in the house, like the day after Halloween? (yeah, right.) Candy science experiment, of course! This experiment is really spectacular to watch, but the science behind is pretty complicated… actually, I haven’t found a definitive scientific explanation agreed by all authoritative scientists yet. But …

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Make A Square Bubble

Water molecules (and also liquid soap and glycerin molecules) tend to stick to themselves. This cohesive force creates surface tension. (Note: Water by itself doesn’t form long lasting bubbles because a thin layer of water molecules evaporates too fast. By adding soap and glycerin, the “skin” of the bubble is more stretchy and water is …

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Do Grapes Sink Or Float? | Salt Water Density Experiment

Do grapes sink or float? Grapes can do both. Whether a grape sinks or floats depends on its density relative to the water it’s in. An object’s buoyancy is determined by its density compared with the density of the surrounding water. Density of water can be changed by adding salt. Let’s try this experiment to …

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