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10th Grade Science Projects

Tornado in a Glass

Tornados can be devastating. It can destroy large buildings, rip roofs off of houses, uproot trees, drive sticks into trees and hurl cars hundreds of yards away. They can even pick you up and literally drop you somewhere else. A tornado, also called twister or cyclone, is a violent rotating column of air extending between the Earth’s surface and …

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Make A Square Bubble

Water molecules (and also liquid soap and glycerin molecules) tend to stick to themselves. This cohesive force creates surface tension. (Note: Water by itself doesn’t form long lasting bubbles because a thin layer of water molecules evaporates too fast. By adding soap and glycerin, the “skin” of the bubble is more stretchy and water is …

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Bubble Snake Experiment

Summer is here!  Kids love bubbles. It’s one of their favorite summer activities. Playing with bubbles using a simple wand is fun, but here is another cool way to blow bubbles. They are called bubble snakes. Bubble snakes are easy to make and provide tons of outdoor entertainment. Take full advantage of this wonderful weather and …

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Photosynthesis And Respiration In Plants

What is Respiration in Plants All living things use a process called respiration to get energy to stay alive. Cellular respiration in plants is the process used by plants to convert the glucose made during photosynthesis into energy which fuels the plants’ cellular activities. On the other hand, photosynthesis is the process where light energy …

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Grow A Crystal Angel Ornament – Science Experiment

One of the most salient properties of water is its ability to dissolve other materials. In this experiment, you will dissolve Borax powder into the water to create a saturated solution. A solution is saturated when no more powder can be absorbed. Water can dissolve more powder when it is hot. In this experiment, you …

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