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7th Grade Science Projects

Thunderstorm Convection Experiment (Video)

Even though there is a severe drought in the area where we live, thunderstorms are still a common spring occurrence. I have shown my kid how rain was created before. Now she’s curious how thunderstorms form and what causes them. So what is a thunderstorm? A thunderstorms is a storm with lightnings and thunders. What causes …

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2 Light Refraction Experiments

Refraction Of Light Have you ever noticed if you look through a glass of water, the image behind the glass sometimes looks funny or distorted? It’s like the glass of water is playing tricks on your eyes. The trick is actually created by the refraction of light. Light travels at different speed through different materials. …

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Balloon Rocket Car Race | Propulsion STEM Activity

Propulsion And Newton’s Third Law How do airplanes fly in the sky, ships move in the water and rockets take off into the space? These movements all have one thing in common — thrust. Newton’s Third Law of action and reaction states that for every action, there is an equal and opposition reaction. For every force, …

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