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Science Projects – Experiments – STEM Activities

In an analysis of 6 studies including more than 35,000 kindergarten-ready children, it was found that comprehension of the world was the strongest indicator of the kid’s future academic performance.

Comprehension or general knowledge of the world is a very broad category, but it basically means common sense in daily lives.

It is not surprising that children who have a good handle of common sense will do well in school.

One specific topic that is very important in today’s education is STEM.

It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Here are some of the top science projects, science experiments and STEM activities for kids.

A glass of water that is blue in color when shined on by white light. Why Is The Sky Blue? For Kids | Simple Science Experiment & Explanations
Why is The Sky Blue?

A simple way to explain this natural phenomenon and learn science.

Red balloon causes tap water stream to bend towards it. You can bend water using static electricity
Static Electricity Science Experiment

Static electricity is a fascinating phenomenon for preschoolers. This is a fun static electricity experiment to play and learn science at the same time.

Craft stick with orange pipecleaner wrapped around it is balancing on a chopstick. It's a Center of Gravity Science Kids Activities - Science Experiments For Kids - STEM
Center of Gravity Experiment

One of my favorite science experiments. Your kid will love physics after this cool experiment!


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